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Hard to believe, but in Tennessee, it is illegal to purchase raw milk for human consumption directly from a farm or store. However, there is now a law that allows the sale of raw milk by herd share. You may be wondering what on earth is a herd share?
It’s pretty simple. A herd share is a membership. It allows you to get raw milk from “your own goats” by making you a partial owner of our herd. Yep, it’s a membership to a bunch of goats. Pretty ingenious, right?

The great part about having a “membership” to a goat rather than owning one, is you simply have to pay a “boarding fee” for us, the farmers, to take care of them! The “boarding fee” is what your milk actually costs per week. Getting 1 gallon per week? Cool! Your cost is $10 per week. Getting a half gallon per week? You pay $6 per week. It’s so much simpler than you trying to figure out how to feed, house, and care for your own herd of goats! Let us take the guess work out of the equation. Herd share = membership = milk; without the direct responsibility/care of the animal weighing on you.