Dairy Goat Shares

Tennessee has recently passed the herd share law!  Now you can enjoy your own fresh, natural milk by purchasing a share of a herd, and getting your share of the milk!

Here’s how it works-you pay a one time herd share fee  to own 1 undivided share of the herd.  Then you pay a weekly boarding fee, which entitles you to 1 gallon of fresh, delicious goat’s milk!

Delivery is available between Cookeville and Chattanooga on the 111 Corridor, we make weekly deliveries now to Cookeville, Sparta, Dunlap, McMinnville, and  Soddy Daisy, and Chattanooga!

Our milk is double strained, chilled, and stored in glass bottles.  Our beautiful goats are on a perfect scrub pasture, with alfalfa and other natural supplements.  We use only natural de-wormers, never any hormones, and treat them like pets!

For information on our jersey cows and cow herd shares, check out our cow milk herd share page.

Just call 931-316-2587 or 931-946-2229 or email fallcreekfarms@gmail.com for complete details!

4 Responses to Dairy Goat Shares

  1. Tabitha Merritt says:

    Would love to know more about your cows – what kind they are, what they are being fed, and just more information generally! We currently spend about an hour per week commuting to get milk from a not-so-close source; we are in Sparta. Would it be possible to come and see your farm sometime? Thank you for the information!

  2. goatfarmer says:

    Our cown are Jersey’s, they are mostly grass fed, we do use some supplemental feed, mostly brewers mash (the leftover barley and wheat) from a local brewerey. Never any hormones. Thanks!

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  4. goatfarmer says:

    There is no legal way to buy raw milk for human consumption in Tennessee; we adhere strictly to the herd share law. The way we handle your situation is to have you go ahead and pay the herd share and bottle fee and 1 week’s boarding fee. If within the first week you decide you don’t want to continue we will refund the herd share and bottle fee.
    Hope this answers your question! Give us a call at 931-316-2587 if you need more info! Thanks!

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