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CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a concept that has been around the US for about 20 years. The CSA system consists of a group of individuals or “members” who subscribe to a farm to provide a “share” of vegetables for the season. The member pays the farmer in advance of the growing season for the vegetables the farmer will provide. This gives the farmer the necessary capital to purchase seeds, supplies, fuel, tools, and equipment to grow produce without the worry and expense of marketing and “peddling” the produce. Seasonal eating is important, since, unlike the grocery store, you won’t be buying food from hundreds or thousands of miles away. Using this model of production/distribution, the farmer can concentrate on producing the best produce possible, knowing that it is already sold and waste is minimized.

Each weekly basket will have anywhere from 8-10 different veggies early in the season to 10 or more assorted veggies, fruits, and herbs, later on during the season. Members should expect to supplement with purchases from the grocery store for items that are not in season, vegetables that can’t be grown in our climate, or vegetables that aren’t on the crop list.

Community Supported Agriculture-You share in the community of the farm-with weekly baskets of fresh, natural vegetables, melons, and herbs. Yummy!

You should be on a first name basis with the people who grow your food!

If it’s grown 2000 miles away, is the most important thing taste? We grow our food to taste great-from our farm to your family!

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